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Diaries of J.G. Bennett and Elizabeth Bennett "Idiots in Paris"

September 25th

He spoke to EC about his idiot, and how from this moment everything that goes well for him will be due to Mr. G having drunk his health today, and that EC must give him nine pour cent (E's uncle — the bishop — was invented on the spur of the moment by Mr. B, as a sort of justification of E's Arch Idiot.)

25 сентября
Он беседовал с ЕК о его идиоте, и о том, как с этого момента все, что у него будет благополучно, 
будет благодаря тому, что Господин Гурджиев выпил сегодня за его здоровье, и что ЕК должен отдавать ему 
девять процентов (дядя Е – епископ –был выдуман спонтанно как часть оправдания своего Архи Идиота).

Rene Zuber - Who Are You Monsieur Gurdjieff?

Page 71

I myself was one of the ‘arch-idiots’. How was one to understand that? Maybe it was only a joke? Some¬one had once heard Mr Gurdjieff reply, when ques¬tioned on this subject: ‘Arch? As in architect … archdeacon … archidiacre….’ It was really a joke, then! Yet it stressed a side of my nature which was as unknown to me as my own smell: respect for established hierarchies.

Rina Hands - Diary of Madame Egout Pour Sweet

Page 66

This is the first time I have seen a total stranger at the table, but there are often people here who do not seem to be at all connected with the Work. There is, in particular, one very venerable old man who comes quite frequently. He is an Arch-Idiot and whenever he is present, we must all rise to our feet and bow to him when the Arch-Idiots are toasted, for he is said to be the Patriarch of the Arch-Idiots. I think perhaps we are meant to learn from this about respect for old age, which is so lacking in the present day world. It is connected with what Mr. Gurdjieff often insists on when parents and adolescent children are present together. Then the children are required, when their parents and especially their mothers are toasted, to stand up, bow, and say aloud, "and to your health, Mother, " or "Father" as the case may be. Respect for mothers is particularly insisted upon and the other day, when a young woman asked, "How can I respect my mother—she left me when I was only three?" Mr. Gurdjieff replied, "Even if bad mother, still mother, must still respect, must love. "